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absolute nightmare.  Due to being attacked several times, he
aggression.  I couldn’t be in command of him and he started
to dominate me!  Even taking Indy for walks was fear-
inducing for me since he would lunge and try to attack other
dogs.  I was actually about to tearfully surrender him to a
shelter since it was absolutely frustrating and heart-breaking
for me to give up on him like this.  However, what can you do
with a dog that cannot be controlled and could seriously
injure another dog?  I was sure a dog like this couldn’t be

I decided to give Indy one last shot and wanted to get him
some serious training.  I had already gone through 3 other
trainers with no results.  I got to know of Wilson and his
great training through a friend and we decided to come down
to a park to watch him train other dogs.  We were so
amazed at how fast and effective his training methods were.  
I was completely sold!  I called him up, enrolled in training,
and he met me at a park that was in my neighborhood to
work with Indy.

Within 30 seconds of meeting Wilson, Indy became
submissive like I had never seen him before.  After just one
lesson, I learned how to take control of my dog and how to
be a leader to him.  Wilson had accomplished in 30 seconds
what one month of training with other trainers couldn't do.  
Through more training sessions, I actually wasn’t afraid to
walk my dog anymore!  He learned to look to me as a leader
and finally act like a dog instead of a snarling monster.  
Sessions with Wilson are always a treat for me and Indy.  
He knows dogs so well and how much they can take in one

Everything I learned with Wilson, I would practice in 10-15
minute bursts a couple times a day every day.  Indy also
looked forward to his training.  His previous insecurity and
lack of confidence disappeared with every single training
session and consequently our bond was strengthened.  The
sessions were remarkably uncomplicated and highly
effective.  Consistency combined with how to properly train
my dog, turned Indy into a dog that I’m now so proud of!  
Now, I can walk Indy with no fear of him lunging and
introduce him to new dogs slowly without fear of him
attacking.  Through several training sessions, Indy can now
lay besides new dogs without showing the least bit of
aggression.  Even if he doesn’t like a certain dog, he now
ignores them instead of attacking them like he would use to.
Wilson saved my sanity and also saved Indy from going to a
shelter.  He helped me establish this strong bond with my
dog that will last a lifetime.  I owe Wilson a lot and he has
truly given me a newfound sense of confidence and renewed
love for my dog!  

Now, I actually get so many comments about how well
behaved Indy is!  Anytime I see an exasperated dog-owner
who thinks there is no hope for their dog, I always make
sure to highly recommend Wilson.

Indy and I thank you SO much!