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learn the opposite. I also came to learn that there
are many bogus trainers out there and unfortunately
for us, there are no legal certification classes that
say, you are a certified dog trainer and there is no
law against bogus trainers. All we really have to go
by is referrals and proof. I wanted my dog to be the
best he can be and waited until I found the perfect
trainer for him.

After 17 months, I met Wilson Rosa of Rosa’s K-9
Training. He came highly recommended by 3 or 4
people that I know, so I gave it a shot. My dog
started his protection training at 18 months old and
was, to all of our surprise, done at 21 months old.

Since than, I entered my dog into protection
tournaments, hardest hitting competitions and many
other events. Not only has Wilson made my dog the
best he can be but he has also made me a proud
owner of a great American Bulldog. I since than
have been so happy with the outcome of my dog
and the work of his trainer, I have also decided to
further my dog’s training into Schutzhund and I’ve
also decided to even take Wilson’s student
instructional course.

Thank you Wilson for the many things you have
done for me and my dog but most importantly I
want to thank you for giving me the sense of
security that my dog will always be my personal
proven protection.


Sonny’s  Owner,
Teddy K.