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A Letter from Sanjay:

Letitia and I adopted “Jesse” a shepherd mix a
few months ago. Being animal lovers we wanted
to ensure that we instill good obedience in our
mutt while he is still a puppy to ensure and enjoy
a wonderful dog as he matures.

We met quite a few trainers; ranging from people
who rewarded the dog till he couldn’t eat any
more to the shrieky ones that praised the dog till
Jesse and us could take it no more.

We found Wilson’s card at the local pet store and
checked his website out. His credentials were
impressive so we said what the heck. We called
him and like the true professional he is, he invited
us to meet his clients and evaluate one of his
training sessions the very next day. We watched
the session, spoke to most of the people training
their dogs and decided to sign up right way. We
walked out of the session achieving our first
session objective in a matter of minutes; getting
Jesse’s attention each time we called his name!!!

Wilson’s training is very professional. He is
always calm and teaches you a lot more than you’
ll ever know about your dog; how to read his
body language, how to sense stress, when to
push and when to stop, when to praise and how
to always end a session on a positive note.
Believe me within the first few sessions you will
see the difference.

To top it all he offers a lifetime written guarantee
on his training which says a lot for his experience,
confidence and capabilities. Wilson never tires of
answering your questions; very accessible and
extremely flexible. Actually, the training is more
for the owners than the mutts!

We are pretty much nearing the end of our
Advanced Obedience sessions and Jesse is a
much confident and well behaved pup.

In Wilson, both Jesse and us have found not only
a wonderful mentor and trainer but also a good
friend. We wholeheartedly recommend Wilson to
all of our doggie friends and will continue to
spread the word.

Thanks Wilson!