About Us
My name is Wilson Rosa. I am a highly accomplished, professional dog trainer in
New Jersey with more than 25 years experience. Dog training and my love of
dogs has always intrigued me from a child.
My love for dogs progressed and I became fascinated with how dogs behaved,
interacted and processed information. I began training and learning dog training in
1989.  Read many books on dog training, watched countless videos on dog
training and attended many dog training seminars.
As well as trained with and learned from top trainers who have competed in World
Championships Dog Trials!

In 1991, I started training dogs as a profession. My love of helping people to
resolve the problems they are experiencing with their dogs never ends.

I am actively involved in the sport of Schutzhund. The sport tests the dog's ability
in tracking, obedience and protection. Listed below are only some of my
accomplishments that I have received. I continue to receive
recognition for my accomplishments.

Wilson Rosa and Azzaro
2006 National Champions
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 2

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I  received the Gold Medal for my dog training
accomplishments from the Untied States Schutzhund Club of America.

On October of 2006, I competed with my dog in the Malinois National Schutzhund
III Championships.
We won and became the 2006 National Champions.

2007 North American Schutzhund III National Championships Third Place Trophy

2007 National HOT Schutzhund III Championships Second Place Trophy Winner

2007 National HOT Obedience Championships Second Place Trophy Winner

2007 Co-winner High Tracking HOT National Championships

United Schutzhund Club of America Certified Helper

Contact the United Schutzhund Clubs of America in St. Louis, Missouri to
verify my accomplishments


I love what I do, and I pride myself on customer satisfaction. The need to
learn as much as I can through teaching and attending seminars is
I am always looking to advance to even higher levels of professionalism by  
reading other trainers' books, articles and attending seminars.

I will put all my years of experience and expertise to work for you.


PHONE: (201) 240-5241 cell
(201) 240-5241
(201) 216-0863
Wilson Rosa and Azzaro
2007 North American SchH III
National Championships 3rd
Place Winners. North Carolina.
2008 North American National
Championships 5th Place Overall

Wilson and Azzaro, SChH3, IPO 3,
FH 2
2008 North American National
Championships 2nd Place HOT

Wilson and Azzaro, SChH3, IPO 3, FH 2
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